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Oct. 2, 2012

-Kicks off Mitchell family drama series


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Now that you have read Anointed, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. Who's your favorite character and why?
  1. Dave was very clear about his calling and never wavered about what took precedence in his life. Given that he loved Madeline, was marrying her the right decision?
  1. Should Madeline have left DMI to become a stay-at-home mom? How did the change affect the bond with Dave?
  1. Looking back at the relationship between Dave and Madeline, there were signs of problems brewing. In your opinion, what was the primary reason for the breakup between Dave and Madeline: infidelity, unwillingness to forgive, or was it the distance they'd both allowed to creep into the marriage?
  1. Is Sherry a calculating "home wrecker" as Madeline sees her or is she a victim of circumstances and vulnerability?
  1. How can Dave be a solid man of God and sin so easily? Does his mistake dilute his relationship with God?
  1. Can a couple survive adultery? If not, why? If yes, how?
  1. Did Madeline make the right decision in kicking Dave out and filing for divorce? What would have been the benefits or sacrifices associated with staying in the marriage?
  1. Do you think it's a smart idea for Madeline to go back to DMI with Sherry there?
  1. Frank adored his little brother and saw him as a godly man with the "golden Midas touch." He was very disappointed in Dave's fall from grace and began losing faith in the future. What's the danger in placing your hope and faith in a person as opposed to God?
  1. We watched Sherry and Edward grow apart. Can the couple rekindle what they had?
  1. How did you feel about the efforts Edward made in paying Sherry's bills-should or shouldn't have?
  1. The Mitchell family drama is loosely based on King David, a mighty Biblical warrior who had God's favor and a distinctive purpose, but was also plagued with personal problems, family failures, and sinful choices. Because of his willingness to repent and to forgive, he was deemed a righteous man, able to forget the pain, anguish, and bitterness associated with mistakes of the past. Why is forgiveness so important to both the offender and the offended?
  1. Forgiveness isn't easy but can be liberating, healthy, and powerful. Is it difficult to embrace a joyous future while holding on to wounds of the past? Is there anyone you need to forgive in order to embrace your future?
  1. If Anointed was a movie and you were the casting director, who would play the role of Dave, Madeline, Sherry, and Frank.

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