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Apr. 2013

- Mitchell family series
- Follows Anointed


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Reading Guide


Now that you have read Betrayed, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. Madeline refused to reconcile with Dave and insisted on the divorce. Yet she felt betrayed when he married Sherry. Why? Did she have a right to be upset?
  1. How do you feel about Sherry living with Dave in Madeline’s former house? Is that an issue for you or not?
  1. Given the death of Andre’s birth parents, did Dave and Madeline’s divorce contribute to his breakdown? Were there any other steps Dave or Madeline could have taken to help Andre before he snapped?
  1. Dave prayed about and repented for his affair with Sherry. He believed God had forgiven him. So why did he continue experiencing one disaster after another in his family (e.g., rape, murder, suicide, a stillborn birth, the loss of clients, and estrangement from his children)?
  1. How would you describe Madeline and Dave’s relationship? Was it primarily based on love, hate, friendship, their children, and/or a business partnership? Should Sherry have been concerned about Madeline and Dave spending time together at DMI?
  1. Why was Frank mad at his brother? Did he have a legitimate reason?
  1. When Dave asked Sherry to leave DMI early in the pregnancy, was it to protect her and the baby, or was he looking out for Madeline?
  1. When Andre came home from Gateway Prep, was Sherry correct in wanting him to leave the second time, or did she overact when he shoved Joel?
  1. What went on between Frank and Madeline? Do you see Madeline getting remarried?
  1. DMI was always at the center of Dave’s priorities. Frank attributed the incredible success of the company to the favor Dave had from God. After his personal life crumbled, Dave’s professional life did too. Do you feel the company’s clients were justified in questioning Dave’s ability to lead DMI after failing in his marriage? Are the two connected? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  1. The Mitchell family was in shambles. Each adult contributed to the family’s demise in some way. Pick a character, and state how he or she contributed to the destruction of a family that was once prominent and highly successful.
  1. Did Dave treat each of his kids the same, or did he have favorites? And Madeline?
  1. Not counting Andre and Don, which character do you like the least, and why?
  1. Initially Madeline blamed Dave’s infidelity and Sherry’s lack of morals for breaking up their family and ultimately shoving her children into one crisis after the next. Do you agree? Why do you think she softened on this later, taking some of the blame?
  1. Dave was quick to forgive Andre, despite the terrible deed his son committed. Could you forgive someone under such extreme circumstances? Forgiveness is powerful and enables the offended to release pain, hurt, rage, disappointment, and bitterness, opening the space for peace, happiness, and love. Forgiveness isn’t easy to do, depending on the offense, but it is necessary in order for us to move forward in a healthy state. It is a gift to yourself. Is there anyone you need to forgive?
Note: The Mitchell family drama is loosely based on the story of a mighty biblical warrior, King David, who had God’s unprecedented favor and a profound purpose. However, King David was also plagued with family problems, personal failures, and sinful mistakes. Because he was able to forgive those who had wronged him and went the extra step of forgetting (letting go of) the pain, the anguish, and the bitterness associated with mistakes of the past, he was at peace regardless of what was going on around him.

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