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August 2011

-3rd book in series


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Reading Guide


Now that you have read Broken, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. Tamara is the oldest living child of Dave and Madeline Mitchell. Estranged from her family, she’s been gone for nearly 15 years. Do you think her unexpected return was a plus or minus for the family?
  1. Did Madeline make the right decision leaving Detroit and DMI so that Tamara could come home? Was Tamara selfish in wanting her mother to go or was she justified in wanting the space to make her reentry into a dysfunctional family environment?
  1. Madeline and Tamara seem to be making amends, albeit a slow process most likely. With the years of distance and horrific memories, do you think Tamara and Madeline can truly reconcile? What will be the most critical factor? Can Madeline and Tamara work together at DMI?
  1. What do you suspect Joel will do now that Zarah has informed him about the baby? Will he stay in Chicago to sort out his feelings and options? Will he proceed with the divorce anyway or will he opt to stick out the marriage for three years and then be eligible to buy back the DMI west coast division. Will Joel give up Sheba? (Note: Read 1Kings, chapter 10 for the biblical drama surrounding the Queen of Sheba’s visit to see King Solomon for more insight into their ‘undefined’ relationship.)
  1. Now that Zarah is in an interesting position, carrying Joel’s child, holding ownership of the DMI division that Joel wants, how do you think she will use the situation? Is she a business threat to Joel, Don, or DMI? Will Tamara have an influence on her?
  1. If Joel does decide to return Detroit and to his marriage, will he also make another play on gaining control of DMI from Don?
  1. Abigail finally got fed up of being second best in the Mitchell men’s lives, thanks to a nudge from Tamara. Was Tamara correct in saying that there will always be a Mitchell standing between Abigail and the lead position in DMI? Do you think Abigail will really leave DMI in the end? Can she truly walk away from Don and/or Joel?
  1. Where do you see the relationship with Naledi and Don going? Is he truly free of his feelings from Abigail?
  1. What role do you think Tamara deserves in the company? Does Don need to worry about her? Will Don ever be at peace with managing the company or will there always be another looming attack or takeover brewing from members of the Mitchell family?
  1. Uncle Frank is a very colorful character and quite consistent. As of now he’s been retained to deal with Remo. On the outside chance that Uncle Frank is unsuccessful, do you believe Remo will end up back in Detroit for Madeline to handle directly or elsewhere in the world serving as a constant threat to the Mitchell family?
  1. If Madeline returns, will Sherry stay? Can Sherry, Madeline, and Tamara, can they all work together? Will Madeline or Sherry ever remarry?
  1. What message was Big Mama, Mother Walker, conveying to Don for Joel?
  1. The Chosen series is loosely based on the characteristics and family drama surrounding King David, a mighty Biblical warrior who had God’s favor and a distinctive purpose, but was not void of mistakes, sin, and tragedy in his life. Yet, he is not remembered for his shortcomings but more so for his love for God and ability to forgive and forget. What’s the difference between forgiving and forgetting? (Note: Does forgetting mean wiping away the memory of the offense or does it mean letting go of the hurt, anger, bitterness, rejection, guilt, etc. that was felt/experienced at the time the offence occurred? – see chapters 46 and 47 for Don’s perspective).
  1. Who benefits most from forgiveness – the offender or the person offended? Forgiveness is liberating and enabled Tamara to begin letting go of her lingering anger and hurt. Is there anyone you need to forgive in order to move forward?
  1. If the Chosen series became a movie, who do you see playing the roles of Madeline, Joel, Don, Sherry, Abigail, Tamara, and Dave?

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