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-2nd book in series


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Reading Guide


Now that you have read Destined, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. Do you believe that Don’s feelings for Naledi are genuine or more of a rebound situation? Is it fair for Don to pursue Naledi if he has unresolved feelings for Abigail? Who is most likely to end up with Don?  Why? Do you think Naledi will let Don go without a fight?
  1. Joel went on a roller-coaster ride from being obscure to a highly popular and successful businessman to one of failure and disgrace.  What did he learn? What could he change?
  1. Will Madeline ever accept Sherry?  Is she justified in her bitterness toward Sherry? Did Madeline still love Dave?  If so, is it realistic for her to maintain feelings for an ex-husband after so many years, in spite of their public disagreements and failings? Will either remarry?
  1. Tamara mentioned that she was the oldest child. What are the pluses and minuses associated with her return to town? What role in DMI does she deserve? Is her return based on financial reasons?  When she does come back, do you think she’ll help Don keep the peace or create new problems?
  1. Do you see Joel fostering a legitimate relationship with his wife?  What about Sheba, do you see him giving her up?  For biblical drama, read about the Queen of Sheba’s visit to see King Solomon. (1Kings, chapter 10)  Will they have children or divorce in three years?
  1. Do you want Madeline to stay and help Don stabilize the company or leave so that Tamara can have the space she requested?
  1. Does Don have to worry about a comeback from Joel?  What would it take for Joel to be back on top? Was Uncle Frank correct - will Joel be back for more money from the ‘private investors’.
  1. What is Abigail going to do now? What about Zarah – can she be strong enough to take control of her part of the business and become a threat to DMI?
  1. What is Madeline’s best attribute?  What’s your least favorite? Joel’s best attribute?
  1. King David was a mighty warrior who defeated the giant (Goliath) as a young boy. He was honorable but also a man plagued with horrific challenges and sin that fell upon his family. Yet David is not remembered for his shortcomings. He’s revered as ‘the man after God’s own heart.’ Why isn’t he framed by his mistakes?  Does forgiveness always, sometimes, or never erase consequences? (Question also posed in Chosenstudy guide.)
  1. Dave Mitchell created horrific chaos in his family.  Did he suffer to the same degree as the rest of his family?
  1. What was Big Mama’s (the church mother) message to Don?  Why wasn’t Joel interested in her advice?
  1. Abigail was hurt by Joel’s rejection and marriage to Zarah. What do you think about Joel moving another woman into the house that Abigail built?  Will Abigail ever be freed from Joel emotionally? What do you think about a woman harboring feelings for two brothers?  Does their being half brothers and/or estranged brothers affect your answer?
  1. Forgiveness is liberating, as evidenced by Don and Nelson Mandela.  How about you?  Is there anyone you need to forgive in order to move forward? What’s the difference between forgiving and forgetting? (Note: Forgetting doesn’t mean wiping away the memory of the offense.  It means letting go of the hurt, anger, bitterness, rejection, guilt, etc. that was felt/experienced at the time the offence occurred).

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