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March 1, 2014

- Mitchell family series
- Follows Broken


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Reading Guide


Now that you have read Humbled, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. How would you define or label Joel and Sheba’s relationship?
  1. Joel and Zarah seem to have very little in common. There most significant disconnect is religion. Ironically, both their fathers based the family business on religion. For DMI, it is Christianity, and for Harmonious Energy, it is an Eastern religion). Do you think Joel and Zarah can or should stay married even though their beliefs differ?
  1. Can Joel be a good father without being married to Zarah and living in the same house? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  1. Tamara and Zarah have a friendship. Do you believe Tamara sincerely cares about Zarah, or is the friendship based on her ulterior motives? Did you agree with Tamara’s advice to Zarah on how to get Joel’s attention?
  1. In the early pages of the novel, who did you want to end up with the West Coast division? Tamara, so she could gain independence from the family; Joel, so he could get a fresh start; or Madeline, so she could restore the company?
  1. Who do you think should run DMI if Don resigns? Are you siding with Madeline, who has set her sights on Joel, or with Don, who wants Abigail to fill the post?
  1. Why do you think Tamara is reluctant to embrace her mother fully and rekindle their relationship?
  1. According to Sherry, Joel is repeating the same mistakes his father made. Agree or disagree?
  1. Who do you think will get married first? Tamara or Abigail? Why?
  1. Do you think Don will leave DMI and go back to South Africa, or will something keep him in Detroit? If he does go back to South Africa, do you think he’ll actually marry Naledi after having strong feelings for Abigail over the years?
  1. Who’s your least favorite character in the novel, and why? (Base your answer solely on Humbled, and not on the other stories in the series.)
  1. Do you believe Madeline and Joel have truly made peace? Is it possible for them to reconcile after so many years of bitterness?
  1. Has Joel really changed, or does he have a hidden agenda?
  1. Let’s say the Mitchell Family Drama Series is being made into a movie and you are the casting director. Who would you select to play Madeline, Sherry, Don, Joel, and Tamara?
  1. At the core of the Mitchell family’s discord is an unwillingness to forgive. All the money, power, and influence they possess cannot help them fix their problems, particularly those within the family. Don realizes the freedom that comes from forgiveness early in the series. It looks like others are coming around too. How about you? Is there anyone you are estranged from or have been unwilling to forgive? Remember that forgiveness is liberating and is the best gift you can give yourself as well as others.
Note: The Mitchell family drama is loosely based on the story of a mighty biblical warrior, King David, who had God’s unprecedented favor and a profound purpose. However, King David was also plagued by family problems, personal failures, and sinful mistakes. Because he was able to forgive those who had wronged him and went the extra step of forgetting (letting go of) the pain, the anguish, and the bitterness associated with mistakes of the past, he was at peace and achieved great success regardless of what was going on around him.

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