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Nobody's Perfect


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What's the story about? (The following is the synopsis found on the back of the book.)

Rachel is 30 and single. She wants to get married soon, but will settle for no less than the perfect husband. She prays to God for Mr. Right, but things aren’t moving fast enough for her. In the interim, she develops a 12-point checklist to help sift through the perpetrators.

When she meets Ken, a nice church-going man, the whirlwind romance is on. All is perfect until Ken’s ex, Sandra, gets wind of it and uses their daughter as a tool to create havoc in the relationship. Ken’s guilt of being an absentee-father allows him to get caught in the trap.

After several surprises, the situation gets complicated. It is only through Big Mama’s spiritual guidance, the unwavering support of her cousin, Roz, and the unconditional love of her best friend, Neal, that Rachel is able to accept the consequences of her decisions.

A touch of reality forces her to stop looking for fulfillment in a ‘Mr. Right’. Once she starts focusing on improving herself, everything falls into place. She finally realizes that nobody’s perfect, including herself. Only then is she able to truly appreciate God’s gift of perfect love.

Nobody’s Perfect vividly illustrates that in our search for perfection in others, we often reveal the imperfections in ourselves.


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