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Nov. 1, 2014

- Redeemed Series
- Book #1


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Reading Guide


Now that you have read Relentless, consider the following discussion questions.

  1. As head of Greater Metropolitan, was Bishop Jones rightfully or wrongly charged? Were any, all, or none of the charges appropriate?
  1. Is Maxwell justified in wanting Bishop Jones to be held accountable for wrongdoings in the church?
  1. Maxwell seems to be softening regarding his family. Do you think he will forgive his parents and fully reconcile? Is this important? If so, why?
  1. Will Nicole really give up on Maxwell and move on?
  1. Sonya seems pretty mad. Since she's been exposed to unlimited amounts of confidential information in Attorney Montgomery's firm, do you think she'll use any of it to get even?
  1. The phrases "what goes around comes around" and "you reap what you sow" are typically used when a person is perceived to deserve a setback. Do you see the current set of events as Bishop Jones's past catching up with him? If so, why? If no, why not?
  1. Was Deacon Burton misguided in taking his suspicions about Bishop Jones and Minister Simmons to Maxwell? Why? If yes, what should he have done instead?
  1. Paul Montgomery Sr. was a seasoned Christian. How did he end up convicted of a crime he didn't intentionally commit?
  1. Forgiveness is a key element in our Christian walk with the Lord. Maxwell's father allowed many years and old issues to keep them estranged. Does this affect your opinion of his Christianity or is it just his humanity?
  1. What similarities do you see between Maxwell Montgomery and the Apostle Paul?
  1. How does a church survive the type of crippling scandal Greater Metropolitan was faced with?
  1. What impact does this type of scandal have on the communities' view of church and organized religion as a whole?
  1. Bishop Jones entertained the thought of partnering with Simmons and his drug scheme because he needed money for his church expansion project. Though he decided that wasn't the right thing to do, how do you feel about his considering the possibility?
  1. Maxwell refused to believe that Jones was innocent of any of the charges against him. Even when Jill was insistent that the bishop did not sexually harass or assault her, Maxwell refused to believe her. Did Maxwell take any shortcuts or skirt too close to illegal activity when gathering evidence against the bishop? Is it okay to bring someone to justice by any means necessary even if it's illegal and/or immoral?
  1. If all the charges were true about Bishop Jones (they're not but for discussion purposes let's say they are), should Bishop Jones's wife stand by him? Why or why not?
Note: The Redeemed drama series is loosely based on the biblical leader Apostle Paul. Originally named Saul, he was known as someone committed to persecuting the church. It seemed that would be his legacy, but God had other plans for him. Saul had an encounter with God on the road to Damascus and his philosophy converted, and he became a faithful believer. His name was changed to Paul and he repented. He spent the rest of his life preaching the good news of salvation and deliverance, through the acceptance of Jesus Christ, to a list of struggling churches (New Testament).

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