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I'm often asked how to get starting writing a manuscript. After years of writing and committing to diligently improve my craft, I can honestly say that the best way to get started is simply to put the first word on the paper. It's as simple as taking one step. Don't worry about the editing, grammar, how the book will get published, who's coming to your first book signing or what the sequel will entail. Don't get caught up with the many roadblocks (often times quite legitimate reasons why you can't get going.) Press forward. If you have a burning need to write, then I challenge you to pursue your calling and write that someone else might be inspired, encouraged, or blessed by your efforts.

You can quote me on this. "The only commonality between any two successful authors is not the quality of their writing, or the genre, or the story line, or their marketing plan. The only commonality is that they finished their manuscripts. Will you be among that list of successful authors?" Take care and be blessed.

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