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Now that you are acquainted with either the self-published novel, Nobody's Perfect, or the best selling author, Patricia Haley, or the publishing company, Anointed Vision, you may have a few questions. Others did.

So, please take a minute and see if your questions are included in the following list of those that Patricia is mostly frequently asked. If you don't find the answer to some of your inquiries below, post a message to the message board and let us know what your burning questions are.

  Question Answer
01 Am I related to Alex Haley? Not that I know of. However, I am always honored when someone even mentions me in the same breath as such an accomplished author as Alex Haley. I can only hope to touch as many lives as Mr. Haley did with his phenomenal works.
02 Is Nobody's Perfect based on my real life? No, this is not my story. I often tell people that this story represents everyone I know and no one I know. In essence, aspects of the story are common enough that just about anyone can relate to some part of the story and/or its characters. As a confirmation, sales have been spread across ethnic groups, religious orientations, genders, ages, marital statuses, and socio-economic groups. Basically, all kinds of people are reading Nobody's Perfect.
03 Is there a Neal in my life? The character, Neal Pierce, is an absolute dream in Nobody's Perfect. My buddy, Jeffrey helped me with the self-publishing. Even with his demanding, full-time management consulting job, he dedicated an unheard of amount of time and support to the Nobody's Perfect self-publishing project.

When I initially wrote the book, I didn't know Jeffrey. Now that I do, I must say he surpasses the wonderful nature of the character Neal, because Jeffrey is real. (We are now happily married).
04 Do I have an agent? Yes, I am thrilled to be represented by Ms. Cross, who initially signed me while she was at the William Morris Agency in New York. She recently moved over to Sterling Lord Literistic in New York, and is still representing me at this agency.
05 What does it take to self-publish a book? The five key factors necessary for successful self-publishing include having a business plan, financial resources, much available time, strong support group, and deep-rooted determination.
Please see this segment on my website, How to Get Published, for more detailed information.
06 Did I send Oprah a copy of Nobody's Perfect? Of course, I sent Oprah a copy. There are very few authors who wouldn't want to have their book featured on the Oprah show. Remember, there are over 60,000 new books released every year. That's a lot of books. I'm sure many of them find their way to Oprah's P.O. box. There is no way her show can feature each and every book.

What is important to me, is that you, the reader, enjoy the book and refer it on to someone else.
07 Am I planning to quit my job and write full time? At some point I will most likely quit my business systems consulting job to write full-time. For right now I am comfortable working part-time and spending the rest of my time on the literary side. So far the balance has worked well for me.

I have been blessed to see Nobody's Perfect move to the # 1 spot on the bestseller's list without quitting my wonderful "day job" that I happen to enjoy.

It has been quite a bit of work, sacrifice, and diligence to simultaneously maintain all three of my jobs (writing, publishing, and consulting), but by the grace of God, it has happened. I'll just have to decide the rest later. In the meantime, I have no complaints.
08 Does ANOINTED VISION publish other authors / poets? Nobody's Perfect was ANOINTED VISION's first project and no other titles are currently slated for publication.
09 Why isn't Nobody's Perfect in hardback? Since I published the book, myself, it was more cost efficient to print in trade paperback size. This is pretty common for small, self-publishers with their first projects.
10 Does ANOINTED VISION have a religious meaning? Yes, it definitely does. I actually started writing in 1996, but God gave me the vision (idea) in 1993. I wrote the vision down in 1994 and then waited for God to show me when and what I needed to write. Writing fiction that deals with modern-day issues and appeals to both the general and the religious arenas is new to the literary arena.

Taking a bold step out into a new writing category (genre) and treading in uncharted water requires significant support. I know my writing is inspired and supported by the Lord, which is where the term Anointed comes in. Without a moment of doubt, I know God has Anointed my literary Vision, and so I write on.
11 Will I continue to self-publish? I knew that having a vision (plan or goal), the Lord, and a tremendous support group, would all lead to wonderful things.

I am blessed to see the project go so well, but it's not finished. I truly feel like I'm just getting started. I look forward to much more work and joy coming from my literary efforts.
12 Did I expect everything to go so well with self-publishing Nobody's Perfect, including selling nearly 20,000 copies and making several bestseller's lists? I knew that having a vision (plan or goal), the Lord, and a tremendous support group, would all lead to wonderful things. I am blessed to see the project go so well, but it's not finished.

I truly feel like I'm just getting started. I look forward to much more work and joy coming from my literary efforts.
13 Is that a picture of me on the front cover of Nobody's Perfect? No, it's not. It represents the main character, Rachel. I think it is a common-looking face and has that familiar look.

When Keith Grace designed the cover, his ideas on hairstyles and facial features came from magazine pictures. My only input was the colors and the outfit.
14 Why does the front cover of Nobody's Perfect only show 11 characteristics from the 12-point checklist instead of all twelve? The twelfth characteristic was that Rachel didn't want a man who already had children from a previous relationship. Phrasing that item in one or two words seemed challenging at the time. So, if was left off.
15 Why is the bonus chapter of Nobody's Perfect only on the web site and not in the book? After completing the book, I felt that there should be a chapter that contains a scene with all of the main characters.

In the final round of editing, the six readers were asked to vote on whether or not the chapter should be included. The vote was 3 to 3. At the time of the vote, the chapter had not been written. So, it was subsequently written before the book came back from the printer and put onto the web site.

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